4 Day Education For Life Seminars

Date Location Venue
February 2010
Fri 26th - Mon 1st Mar
Adelaide, Australia Grand Chancellor
65 Hindley Street, Adelaide
May 2010
Fri 28th - Mon 31st
Brisbane, Australia Novotel Brisbane
200 Creek Street, Brisbane
June 2010
Fri 11th - Mon 14th
Perth, Australia Perth Convention Centre
21 Mounts Bay Road, Perth
July 2010
Fri 16th - Mon 19th
Queenstown, NZ Millennium Hotel Queenstown
Cr Frankton Road & Stanley Street
September 2010
Fri 17th - Mon 20th
Melbourne, Australia Bayview Eden Hotel
6 Queens Road, Melbourne
October 2010
Dates TBA
Sydney, Australia Venue
December 2010
Fri 3rd - Mon 6th
Gold Coast, Australia Venue

Create Substantial Wealth & Discover Accelerated Strategies

Your Dreams are not Out of Reach
Designed by Jamie McIntyre, the 4 Day Education for Life Program can show you not only how to gain your financial footing but also grow, sustain and accelerate your wealth.

It's Time to Invest in Yourself
21st Century's 4 Day Education for Life Program is your ticket to financial freedom. Whether you're just starting out as new investor at the most basic level and looking at how to get started with successful investing, or already achieving significant financial success and eager to learn about sophisticated tools for accelerating your results.

Learn from the Experts
At 21st Century Academy, you'll have the opportunity to profit from some of the same beliefs and distinctions used by some of the wealthiest people in Australia, New Zealand and the world. Jamie McIntyre has learnt and applied their knowledge and converted it into workable strategies that the average person can use immediately to enhance their quality of life.

Learn to Make an Income Whilst You Sleep
Regardless of your age or current situation, financial freedom is attainable and also sustainable. The goal of this program is to help you achieve a financial position where your income, generated whilst you're sleeping, exceeds your current income. This will give you certainty you can maintain or increase your current standard of living without the need to work.

Discover Asset Protection
At 21st Century Academy you'll learn how to safeguard your investments for life, discovering unique ways that show you how you can legally minimise your tax.

Your Journey to Financial Freedom
Your journey to financial freedom starts with the 21st Century Homestudy Program and continues at the 4 Day Education for Life Live Program. Imagine a life if money was no longer a limitation, but a powerful tool to create significant sustainable wealth. Whether your net worth is $10 million or minus $150,000, 21st Century can help you establish a personalised plan that allows you a choice of investment strategies. A plan suited to your risk profile and personal needs, accepting everyone attending the program is uniquely different in some way.


"Hi my name is Jason. I studied Jamie's Homestudy package 11 months ago, that's when I started. Using his share winning strategies, I replaced my income in 110 days, which now allows me to travel and do whatever I like with my time so I'm pretty happy about that. I look forward to learning more advanced share strategies and property strategies and I would recommend the homestudy package to anyone. All the information you need to start is in there. I actually started making money through trading shares even before I went to a live event because all the information was there. And it was great! Thank you." JASON S.

Continuing Education & Coaching
As a 21st Century Member you'll enjoy ongoing access for at least 24 months to: the Online Graduate Forum; the 21st Century panel of experts; a free accounting session to protect your assets and minimise your tax; free finance consultation to gain capital to expand your investment money, available if required; and insurance consultation if required; a free property consultation to learn ways to acquire investment property or land "Virtually No Money Down" and ongoing support from our licensed preferred stock brokers, to execute your trades for you.

Many of these free consultations can be booked during the 4 days of the program throughout the breaks, or the day after, or even attended at a later date in your nearest capital city, or you can call in some cases. Many members will also wish to take advantage of multiple speakers' services or focus on particular specialised strategies and these are also made available for your benefit.

Jamie McIntyre

"Education for Life is not a 4 day seminar but rather a life transforming experience, where you learn not only the insights to realise how you're life has been shaped so far, but access the tools, strategies and resources required to create an extraordinary quality of life. One of unlimited financial abundance and emotional fulfilment. I promise it will be an education and experience that will truly serve you for life"
JAMIE McINTYRE | Founder, 21st Century Academy.

Day 1 : Prepare For The Massive Change

Understand the forces that control everything you think, every emotion you experience and every action you take. You can expect to learn about:

Running Man

The mindset and psychology of extraordinary successful people, including millionaires and how you can model similar thinking to produce far greater financial results.

The-triad, the three forces that shape all human behaviour and emotions. How to discover your primary purpose.

How to become emotionally intelligent and master your emotions once and for all, to take control and to take charge of your life and how you feel on a day-to-day basis.

The fact that the meaning you attach to events will determine the quality of your life, and how to re-look at your entire life in such way that it will create a compelling future for you to look forward to.

Why this is no ordinary financial program, and why becoming both financially and emotionally intelligent can ensure you not only achieve financial success but achieve sustainable long term fulfilment as well.

Day 2 : Evaluate Your Current Approach

Discover once and for all what shapes every decision you make and ultimately forms your destiny. Identify what causes pain and pleasure in your life and learn to create more pleasure. Develop the emotional conditioning to meet your deepest needs. You will:


Develop a clear vision for your new future. Learn the science of the 6 human needs. Learn goal setting and creating a compelling future. Also start to discover financial tools and strategies to create the abundance in your life you've been looking for.

Discover the Million Dollar share strategy where you can borrow almost 100% to invest in the share market, but if the shares drop in value they'll be bought off you at the original price you paid for.*

Discover the current state of the property market and how to build a portfolio rapidly by acquiring properties, "Virtually No Money Down".

"We completed the Homestudy on 20th April 2006, and made enough money to pay for the course itself within 3 days. Since then we have made enough money to replace Bill's income through Jamie's strategies. Our 19 year old son said it had opened doors for him that he previously thought were shut"

Discover the current hotspots to invest in, and also learn how to acquire land that doesn't have to be paid for until several years later, and has consistently grown faster in value than houses.

Learn about share renting and selling insurance. If you are yet to start on these popular cashflow strategies, you'll be ready to start making money by the last day of the seminar.*

Learn about new trading strategies such as E-minis and how investors can make US$500 to US$1,000 a night.

Play a real life game where you have the chance to win up to $25,000 in cash.

*Taught by our licensed share speakers, who hold all the appropriate licenses required by ASIC

Day 3 : Accelerate Your Financial Freedom

Learn an array of new strategies for both the novice and sophisticated investor. Learn how to take the share strategies taught in the 21st Century Homestudy and rapidly accelerate them even further. You will:


Learn how to rent shares on the US stock market for even higher returns.*

Learn how to accelerate share returns by using less outlay, by taking advantage of tools such as CFDs in a smart protected manner.*

Learn more real estate strategies so you don't have to rely on just one method, but learn ways to buy real estate for as little as a dollar deposit and resell it within days for significant profit, via the Internet and other new and exciting methods.

Learn the time management system that Jamie McIntyre has personally used for nearly a decade that enabled him to grow nearly a dozen businesses, non-profit organisations, and still have time to travel the world regularly and spend plenty of quality time with family.

Learn how this system can ensure you not only effectively implement what's necessary to achieve the success you

Day 4 : Sustaining Maximum Wealth & Taking Action

Day 4 is designed as a bonus day to learn even more strategies and the chance to review some existing ones further.

Learn from several new speakers covering shares and real estate, and also an Internet marketing expert covering Internet and business strategies that will be expanded in more detail at the 21st Century Internet & Business Mastery Program, that is also a part of your 21st Century 24 month Homestudy Membership.

Produce Results

Old Couple

The Education for life Program will move you beyond broad theory. It's designed to leave you with more strategies to create significant cashflow without working than you'll actually need. Just one of these strategies is enough to produce significant results.

Your greatest challenge then will be deciding no longer whether it's possible to achieve financial freedom, but which of the many strategies you'll choose to achieve it. Let this program show you how to produce real life results NOW, not in 20 or 50 years time.

Your 5 Year Membership

If you would like to join Jamie and his millionaire team of mentors in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and proposed luxurious locations around the world then enrol into the 21st Century 5 Year Homestudy Membership*. You automatically qualify as a 21st Century Homestudy Member for a ticket to these events any time in the next 5 years.

* The normal Homestudy Membership is generally 2 years. To qualify for the 5 year Membership, including bonus 17 and 18, you simply have to nominate the 4 Day Education For Life event you wish to attend within 30 days of enrolling and attend one within 12 months from the time you enrolled. Otherwise your membership will be covered for 24 months only.

How to Bring a Friend For Free

In addition to bringing your spouse, we are releasing an exclusive guest pass for you to invite a friend and their spouse to attend our 4 Day Education For Life Event with you when you enrol to become a 21st Century Homestudy Member*. This is a gift to you for becoming a 21st Century Homestudy Member and to assist you in your commitment to creating an extraordinary quality of life in the 21st Century.

For the first time ever we have managed to convince Jamie McIntyre to invite new 21st Century Homestudy Members to participate in an amazing opportunity, to gift a special friend and their spouse attendance to any of the following upcoming 21st Century 4 Day Education For Life Event in 2008, worth $2,995 for your friend and $1,995 for their spouse, tickets totalling $4,990.

To qualify you must enrol as a 21st Century Homestudy Member and book in to 4 Day Education For Life Event within 21 days. Book now so you qualify to invite a friend and their spouse at no charge. This offer is exclusive to those new members who choose to pay for their enrolment in full or via our 4 month payment plan option.

To read more about our 5 Year Homestudy Membership click here.
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