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"What does it take to not only master your finances but to master your life?" asks SELF-MADE MILLIONAIRE and Best Selling Author of "What I Didn't Learn At School But Wish I Had" Jamie McIntyre.

Jamie McIntyre

Take this opportunity to learn from over 20 amazing educators, including Jamie McIntyre. Jamie is an Australian who went from well below zero to a self-made millionaire in his twenties by learning the mindset of a millionaire and appling the latest, most exciting financial strategies available in the world today. The great news is that he is determined to help you do exactly the same no matter where in the world you live. He believes this type of information, that isn't taught at school, has kept the majority of the population constrained to a job and almost a slave to the banks. Jamie McIntyre is passionate about ensuring the average person becomes financially educated and has donated millions of dollars to the cause. If you would like to learn how to excel in the 21st Century and create an extraordinary quality of life, including how to make money while you sleep from investing, to free up your time to do other more important things than working 9 to 5, then read on as you may be surprised at just how much success people are having every day within a matter of just a few short months.

If it's that Simple to Become Rich and Successful, then Why isn't Everyone Rich?

Why is it that in wealthy, western countries like Australia, UK, United States, New Zealand, Canada and Western Europe, most people don't make it? For example, the World Bank once considered Australia to be the wealthiest nation on the planet per capita. Unfortunately, now the standard of living in Australia is decreasing for many rapidly, while a few are getting richer and richer.

With the wealth that still exists in our world today, why is it that so few people get to share in it? What is going on that limits us to sharing in only a fraction of the wealth, and what can we do about it?

When Jamie McIntyre was dead broke and sleeping on a friend's couch, he had time to contemplate his life and the world around him. Jamie was curious why there are some people who start with nothing and manage to become millionaires, while others, who seem much more intelligent, often with a higher education, yet in terms of financial success fail, their lives are filled with hard work and struggle.

What is the difference between those who succeed and those who don't? Is it a matter of luck that some people acquire great wealth? Perhaps these people buy more Lotto tickets, or they marry into money or inherit it. Or is there more to it than that?

Jamie McIntyre
Success Coach, Self-Made Millionaire, Successful Investor, Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Educator
Starting 12 years ago, Jamie McIntyre took less than 5 years to become a self-made millionaire. In the last 8 years as a world leading educator and success coach, he has touched the lives of over 225,000 Australians and New Zealanders, and now people worldwide, producing many millionaires in the process and helping thousands retire early. By using the same techniques as Jamie applied to his life, as taught in the 21st Century Academy from 20 of the Academy's selected speakers, you too can become financially free in a surprisingly short time.

"...We joined the academy knowing there was so much more to life than our JOB(s). My wife picked up Jamie's book at our local library, we took the ball and ran with it. Action was definitely our missing key for our combination lock. With a head full of information and hearts full of desire, we talked about a lot, but with our comfort zone in jeopardy, we just continued to dream because, - it was for other people - we are merely country folk, who's wife works 3 jobs! - Can WE do it? It wasn't until I went to the 4 day seminar that things turned around. I found the key and took it home!!! ACTION".
DODD23 | Posted on the graduate section of the forum on the 23-11-06

Success Formula


To find out why most people were failing in life, Jamie began to look at the path they were on. He realised most people were taught to go to school, get a good education and then work long and hard until retirement. It's interesting to note that the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show that 96% of the population at the age of 65 end up dead, dead broke or on a pension, or need their family to support them to survive. These are the same people who are following this so-called "success" formula of going to school, get a good education, work hard and hope to retire to the so-called good life.

Only 3% of the population become what we call financially independent, which means that at age 65 they are able to stop working, but continue to live in a basic manner. It doesn't mean they're rich. It just means they have enough money to support themselves, usually less than $35,000 p.a. Only 1% of the population at age 65 will become what we call "rich". The ABS classifies "rich" as having a net worth in excess of $1 million dollars. There are nearly 200,000 millionaires in Australia, but even then, do these people necessarily have the lifestyle associated with a "millionaire"? Many of these millionaires have earned the alt because their property is worth a million dollars. These are the millionaires that still lack time, money and unfortunately for them TIME + MONEY = LIFESTYLE and they fail to have both.

It's clear that this so-called "success" formula most of us have been taught isn't working. Should we look at this as evidence it is highly unlikely that we're going to succeed and say, "What's the point of really trying? The people making it must be really, really lucky". That's what most people would do, but you'll find out that Jamie isn't like most people!

The Law Of Opposites

Jamie began to look for role models or mentors who had succeeded in the areas he wanted to. He realised that he needed to have mentors who had produced phenomenal results in their life. One of these shared a major success secret with him, and that was "If you want to succeed, you need to figure out what most Australians are doing and do the exact opposite". Jamie calls this the "Law of Opposites". Once you start using this formula, the decisions you need to make in order to succeed, become simpler and more clear-cut.

Apart from the information these mentors shared with Jamie, they also impressed upon him that he needed to act on the information they gave him. Jamie says, "You may think information is power, but until you take action on that information, nothing will happen. Once you learn how to apply the information and do so, your life will begin to improve faster than you ever thought possible!"

Financial success isn't just about making money, it's what you do with your money that counts. Jamie learned how to keep that money, manage his cash flow and turn that money into more money. In other words, learned how to make money even without any, ideally having it come in whilst you're sleeping.

Because once you can do that you can free up your time, have the lifestyle you choose, get on with living your purpose and spending time doing the most important things in your life.

Many people also feel guilty about being wealthy. Jamie did, until he realised that it's possible to become wealthy by helping others. He could feel good about it, still grow spiritually as a person by ensuring he applied universal laws and principles and abided by the laws of Karma.

When you look at the universe or physical plane, you can understand that it wasn't designed for only a few people to be rich. If we divided all the wealth up in the world among all the people, in fact, everyone would be a millionaire. The systems though have been designed so that only a few people have the wealth. To pull yourself out of the systems you need to put in a certain amount of energy, have focus and apply effective and proven financial strategies to break free.

Did You Receive a 21st Century Education at School or University?

If you're like the majority of Australians the answer would be no!

Jamie realised that if the school system isn't teaching people how to succeed, then how will people ever live their dreams? If you haven't already read a book called, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", by Robert Kiyosaki, then it's highly recommended you get yourself a copy. Most people would agree it's a good start on the subject of money. What the author talks about is that school is designed to teach us how to work for money. In other words, we're taught how to get a job. Nowhere in our school life are we taught how to have money work for us to give us our much wanted freedom.

In other words, we're taught only one part of the equation and not the other. The concept of how to have money work for us could be taught to 10 to 18 year old's at school in a short time frame. It would make a big difference in their life. Jamie believes our education system has planted seeds of failure, frustration and financial disaster in our societies. Unfortunately, we see evidence of it everyday.

"If You Want To Be Rich and Happy Don't Go To School", became an international best-seller by really challenging people to question the value of our own education system and ask, "If the education system is so great, why then do most people end up financially as dismal failures in their life?" Wouldn't you agree that it's a fair enough question?

Jamie identified that our education system is often outdated having been designed two hundred years ago in the 19th Century. So immediately we can see a challenge with that

If Most People Have An Outdated Education How Do They Expect To Excel In The 21st Century?

Jamie began to see the need for a 21st Century education in his life. He actually searched and travelled the world to compile and develop for himself an education that would have him excel in today's fast changing world. Because no university existed to teach such a valuable and much needed education. Jamie had to invest over $100,000 over a three year period to access people who had produced outstanding results in different aspects of their lives. He was studying through seminars, personal mentors, interviewing successful people, researching hundreds of books, basically whatever it took. His research paid off though as Jamie's life completely transformed over a period of three to five years. From being $150,000 in personal debt, he became a self-made millionaire whilst still in his twenties, founding several companies, massively improving his health and importantly his relationships to live his dream life. He was able to model and learn from multi-millionaires, entrepreneurs, investors even highly acclaimed success coaches, such as Anthony Robbins, world renowned economist and presidential advisor, Paul Zane Pilzer, and leaders such as General Norman Schwarzkopf of Desert Storm and Marketing Guru Jay Abrahams.

After producing outstanding results in many areas of his life, Jamie decided to fulfil a promise he made to one of his personal mentors. This promise was that after successfully applying the knowledge and strategies to his own situation, proving they worked and transforming his own life, he would pass them on to others. This is how 21st Century Academy was born, in December 1998, after Jamie had achieved many of his desired results. The Academy has now become a multi-million dollar educational organisation impacting on over 225,000 peoples' lives, providing a 21st Century education designed by Jamie to educate others. Unlike many educational companies 21st Century has a proven track record of graduate success over the last 9 years, and is preparing to become a Public Listed Company.

21st Century Academy runs seminars and provides Homestudy Programs to teach everyday people worldwide how to become successful in all areas of their life, using 21st Century strategies and skills that Jamie and others have successfully applied to transform their lives.

... Get out of your shell, out of the box and see the picture clear ahead. It's there! You just need to do it now. Every day is a day less to your success. Don't be afraid, fear will get you nowhere. Step out of the box and you'll succeed slowly but surely. Follow the rules and listen to your heart because it's waiting for you. There is a sea of wealth out there as Jamie says so start now - don't delay. So far in 4 months we have made around $30,000 all up".
PIERRE & MARIA | Posted on the graduate section of the forum on the 21-11-06

So What Exactly Is A 21st Century Education?

Jamie says there are five major parts to it:

1. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to consciously respond to a situation, rather than react under the influence of your emotions at the time. Unfortunately, we can't control everything that happens in the world, but we can control our reactions to events and this is the key to getting what we want.

If we're going to be emotionally intelligent human beings and improve our chances of being successful in the things we want most, then instead of reacting unconsciously, we can learn to do the opposite of what most people do. That is, to make a conscious decision on how we will respond to any given situation to avoid being devastated or by life, quitting too soon or procrastinating too long and failing to take the necessary actions that would lead us to success.

2. Financial Intelligence

Without Financial Intelligence we are forced to follow the path that most people take and we've seen it very often leads to financial disaster. Jamie knows, from his own experience, if you want to excel in the 21st Century you need to have money work for you, not just work for money.

Schools unfortunately don't teach us how to do that. For example, if every Australian was given $10,000 right now, statistics show that within 12 months 80% of Australians would have spent it and have nothing left, because this is what most of us have been taught to do. Research shows 16% would have turned the $10,000 into $10,050 by putting it in the bank; 3% of the population would turn the $10,000 into up to $20,000 — that's up to a 100% return and these people would definitely be considered Financially Intelligent. Less than 1% could turn that $10,000 into as much as $1,000,000. Yes, a million dollars or more! It wasn't until Jamie had done that himself that he really believed it was possible.

3. The Four Key Skills

The 21st Century is also known as the Information Age. General skills, rather than specialist skills will be invaluable in the 21st Century due to the swiftness of change from information transfer and the resulting high turnover of businesses and industries.

Jamie asked Paul Zane Pilzer, a leading US economist, Presidential Advisor and author of the book Unlimited Wealth, what the biggest industry in the future would be. His reply was, "Adult Education, due to the massive need for adults to continually be retrained and educated in a rapidly changing world".

There are four key areas that you will need to master to have an all-round generalist education. If you master these areas you can be guaranteed that you will indeed excel in the 21st Century.

The four key skills are:
1. Think Creatively / Problem Solve
2. Negotiate to get what you want
3. Communicate Effectively
4. Effective Marketing Skills to bring an idea or concept to reality

4. Results Purpose Action(RPA)

After completing the Homestudy Program, Brett decided to use the - no money down property strategies. Using the Property Sourcing Service, he was able to acquire an off the plan property at $40,000 below market value for less than a $3,000 outlay."

Using RPA you can take anything you can visualise and turn it into reality. This process teaches you how to think differently and to get a specific result, rather than just busy yourself with activities that don't bring you closer to your dreams. Jamie believes the truth is in our results in life, not how busy we are. That's why Jamie is able to holiday regularly yet still manage nearly nine companies and projects in a fraction of the time, allowing plenty of time for quality of life.

5. Life By Design

Jamie uses RPA to design his life to a 'T'. The life he lives today is no accident. He says, "When I was on my friend's couch dreaming about the things I wanted for my life, I dreamed I earned in excess of $1,000,000 a year and that I travelled the world seeing places like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Caribbean, Africa and South America. In short I wanted to do whatever I pleased, whenever I pleased, with whomever I pleased and as much as I pleased. I also planned what sort of home I would live in and the sort of people I wanted to associate with."

Jamie's mentors told him to write down everything he'd want to make his life ideal. This is similar to what people think about when they say, "One day, when I win Lotto…", but in much more detail.

So he started to write down everything he intended to accomplish in his life, if his life was ideal then Jamie thought a car that would start in the morning would be great. Maybe a BMW emerald blue 328 convertible or Lamborghini. Why not have a Lear jet on charter just in case you needed to get somewhere in a hurry or a helicopter if you wanted to fly or land on your personal airstrip on your family farm. Jamie thought he'd love to be able to make many changes in the world, help other people and know his life made a difference.

So What Exactly Is A 21st Century Education?


"I would like to not have to work for money, to be a multi-millionaire and earn several million dollars a year. I'd love to be able to write a cheque for $50,000 for charity or even start one's own charity foundation.I'd like to help Australia become the number one nation in the world again as per capita of wealth and living standards.

"I'd like to travel for a holiday one week out of every four to see my own country and travel to every continent on the planet. Or simply ring up some of my family or friends at work and be able to say you need to get to the airport as soon as possible because you have all expense paid tickets and accommodation to come with us to a beautiful tropical island for a week's holiday. I'd love to have a luxury sports cruiser boat and holiday in beautiful tropical islands, like the Whitsunday Islands of Australia.

"I'd also like to have a million dollar mansion on the water with an outdoor jacuzzi, a pool in the lounge room and somewhere where it's warm all year round, like Noosa, not like Glen Inne's in Northern New South Wales, where Jamie grew up on a 2,000 acre farm. He also thought, why not have a winter home as well in Queenstown, New Zealand to go snow skiing or maybe a place in Whistler, Canada."

When Jamie wrote all these things down they were nothing but a pipe dream, however his mentors impressed upon him that he could design and live his ideal life much sooner if he was absolutely clear about what it was he wanted and was prepared to take immediate and consistent action. I.e., Understanding the power of "The Secret" to manifest what he desired. It's no surprise that five years later just about everything he wrote down became a reality in his life, including the multiple houses, financial success and more importantly the quality of relationships. He repeated this exercise daily and strove to shape his life to that blueprint.

Today Jamie lives the life of his dreams, travelling the world and living in his dream homes — one in an unspoilt Queensland paradise, another one in Queenstown, New Zealand and another one in the beautiful Harbour City of Sydney. His focus and commitment helped him to achieve his goals that had started out as a fantasy and were out of reach. By focusing on what it was he truly wanted, he was able to accomplish in a few short years results that would seem unbelievable to so many of us. However, despite all the material success Jamie says the greatest gift has been to get a clear sense of purpose and positively impact and care about people, everything else has just been a blessing.

By now you're probably thinking, why wasn't a 21st Century education taught at school?

You could try ringing your local TAFE college or University and booking in, but they unfortunately won't be able to teach you a real life 21st Century education.

Jamie believes that much of the valuable information and strategies he learnt to turn his life around, especially financially, isn't made more available at school for two main reasons. One, many industries and systems profit immensely from people being ignorant of these things. As Jamie says, "Why would the banks want people to know how to make 20%, 40% even 100% returns on their money with low to medium risk strategies, (much safer than investing in a car or spending the money on junk) when they only pay 2-4% p.a interest to the average person, then immediately take our money and generate 20%, 40% up to 100% or more on it and are not concerned about the so-called high risk of these investments"

Now it's not that today Accountants or Stockbrokers are of no value. Jamie uses them as resource tools to become wealthy, though he doesn't blindly take their advice as he knows how to make financial decisions himself. Even despite the fact that Jamie's Accountants and Stockbrokers are in the top three percent, i.e. they are successful investors themselves and practise what they preach, which is unlike the majority of the Financial Planning industry, who are not trained in financial investing. Jamie believes after completing his 4 Day seminar or Homestudy Program you'll be more competent than most of those who work in the Financial Planning industry. So far over 225,000 people have already attended his seminars or watched his DVDs.

Jamie has invested over five years and in excess of $100,000 to acquire his 21st Century Education, but the return on that investment has been outstanding!

Information such as this is now available to you too through 21st Century Academy, for a fraction of Jamie's investment. 21st Century Academy runs a series of seminars and Homestudy Programs that teach average Australians and New Zealanders how to excel in the 21st Century. They also have international clients in the UK, USA, Asia, Africa and Europe.

In the introduction 3.5 hour DVD "What I Didn't Learn At School But Wish I Had," Jamie shares his personal story of how he went from being absolutely broke, $150,000 in debt, no job or future prospects and sleeping on a friend's couch, to learning how to make money while he sleeps. Jamie became a self-made millionaire in his twenties and is now an inspiration to thousands.

Unlike other courses that only tease you with promises of information, you'll actually walk away from this strategy packed 3.5 hours with the know-how to improve your life instantly and dramatically. Just see our testimonials.


Greg completed the Homestudy 2 and a half years ago. His investment strategy so far has seen him investing in Property to build a foundation for himself in order to synergize effectively with covered calls. Greg started with his personal property worth $380,000 and through the action plan that he developed with the help of the Homestudy, he has developed his portfolio into a $4 million portfolio, owning 8 properties. Greg is now poised to excel in his action plan towards covered calls.
GREG MOUNTFORD | Posted on the graduate section of the forum on the 21-11-06

Financial Strategies That Will Set You Free

Following this 3.5 hour DVD you can choose to apply to enrol as a 21st Century Homestudy Member which includes the Homestudy Programs and also the 4 Day Education for Life Seminars in Fiji, Queenstown and Australia.

The 4 Day Education for Life Seminar ticket is included in your membership for no extra. Plus, you will also receive a Spouse ticket valued at $1,995, a Teenage ticket valued at $995, and a ticket to 21st Century's Internet & Business Mastery Seminar worth $1,995 for FREE (conditions apply). A total value of $5,985.

This is an experience not to be missed, and definitely not for the faint - hearted. 21st Century will astound you with its utter simplicity and you'll leave the Academy with all the tools, contacts and strategies you'll ever need to immediately increase your net worth, dramatically improve relationships, conquer fear, think like a millionaire and much, much more.

Where Can One Get A 21st Century Education?

All the seminars will challenge and educate you, but we promise you'll find them fun and very rewarding as well. Once you have completed the Homestudy and/or our 4 Day Seminar, your life will never be the same. Your mind will be filled with endless possibilities and strategies that you would never learn from a traditional educational system.

When you are presented with what is easily possible for you to achieve, you'll wonder why it's taken so long for you to get this invaluable information.

Remember, though that change for the better always starts with a single, simple decision.

Strategies For Everyday People

Jamie, a dynamic Australian will teach you his personal success secrets using simple, step-by-step processes in down-to-earth, easy-to-understand, everyday language. He will start with the basics, including:

  • How to get out of the "rat race" and onto the fast track to wealth.
  • Why 96% of people think money is real and don't realise it is just an idea, a form of energy that is easily created.
  • Why only 1% of the population will ever be seriously wealthy and how you can be one of them.
  • Why most people 'kid' themselves when it comes to money.
  • The habits of successful Money Managers and how you can easily follow them.
  • A chance to evaluate your own money picture now and get ready for a dramatic jump.
  • A strategy others have used to get themselves totally out of debt in 3 to 7 years, no matter how much they owed.
  • Why your house is possibly a liability and not an asset.
  • How to have cashflow producing assets and lifestyle as opposed to being asset rich and cashflow poor.
  • The secrets to overcoming the need for a normal budget you rarely stick to, for a hassle free, exciting way to save money.
  • How others have paid their mortgage in half the time, saving them a fortune on interest.

Share brokers used by 21st Century Academy Graduates are fully licensed and abide by the regulations of the Australian Securities & Investment Commission. These brokers are accredited to rent out shares for you and are only accessible if you are a 21st Century Academy Homestudy Member and can service clients worldwide in Australian, New Zealand, US and UK markets. 92% of brokers aren't accredited to rent out shares. Any share topics covered at the 4 Day Seminar in Australia are presented by licensed speakers.

Develop An Extraordinary Mindset Of A Millionaire And Winner

The information we will be sharing with you throughout the 4 days is designed to prepare you so you'll be ready for the strategies, tactics and know-how that Jamie and his team of mentors and licensed speakers will share with you. Throughout the Homestudy and 4 days here's what you'll learn:

How To Break Through Fear

  • How to become "Emotionally Intelligent" to overcome fear, doubt, frustration or anger to create a life full of gratitude, unstoppable certainty, impact, creativity and playfulness and importantly a deep sense of love for who you are and the people most important to you in your life.
  • How to get absolutely clear about what's most important in your life before it's too late to do something about it.
  • How to let go of the emotional baggage and blockage from the past so you can move forward to a brand new exciting future and avoid living a life of regret.
  • Learn how to respond to life rather than react to it so you can relax and enjoy the journey.
  • How to discover and clarify your true life's purpose and live the life you were meant to.
  • How to grow spiritually and financially at the same time and know what you're doing is right for you.
  • How to co-create your future and have your life more like a spiritual adventure rather than hard work and materialistic struggle.
  • How a focused, clear mind will dramatically improve your health, making you feel younger and re-energised again.
  • How to let go of what other people think of you, potentially holding you back from your ultimate destiny.
  • How to condition your emotional muscles so other people can't drain your precious life force energy and their negativity won't stop you.
  • Why success in any endeavour is 80% psychology and 20% know - how
  • How to understand and tap into the power within to create your ultimate destiny.>
  • How your conscious and subconscious minds work and why you need to understand this in order to accomplish your goals.
  • How you can have money attracted to you like a magnet by ensuring your energy is vibrating at a certain level.
  • >How to eliminate financial-self sabotage.
  • How to break through limiting barriers and beliefs around your money relationship.
  • How to raise your self-image and attract the relationships and money you desire.
  • How to design your ultimate life as opposed to just making a living.
  • Why when you are on purpose your life flows and you don't need motivation or the need to work hard ever again.
  • How to develop the relationships you always wanted, becoming the person you always desired.
  • How to get the passion and excitement back in your life where you will be jumping out of bed raring to go.

Plus, Financial Strategies That Will Free You

Jamie will amaze you with the simplicity of the strategies he used to create financial independence in such a short time span. Jamie's teaching style ensures you will understand these strategies and leave with the knowledge and belief that you can apply them to your own life. This is why Jamie is considered one of the greatest 21st Century communicators and educators in Australia. He will cover concepts like:

  • Why 95% of people repel money and don't even realise it.
  • How to legally print money and develop cashflow even without any money to start.
  • How to become an Outcome Focused, Purpose Driven, Action Oriented individual.
  • How to establish a definite plan and date when you will never have to work for money ever again.

What is unique about 21st Century Academy's seminars, unlike many others is they don't just focus on one area, e.g. financial strategies. They also recognise that emotional intelligence and the correct mindset are critical otherwise many people fail to apply the valuable financial strategies. They also realise that financial success is just one important area of one's life, so they want to ensure your focus is on lifestyle and quality of life as ultimately that's what most people desire, not just money.

Then when it comes to all the financial strategies you'll learn they don't just focus on one area like property and neglect shares as they both work well together. They also teach you skills to increase your active income and cashflow management, so you can access more money for investing, and how to turn the Internet into a powerful investment vehicle to generate passive income and how to build businesses.

Then after the Homestudy program and/or intensive 4 Day Education For Life Seminars they don't just leave you by yourself like many organisations do. They provide you with a multitude of resources and contacts you'll have access to continue your journey with such as Licensed Sharebrokers, 21st Century Accounting, 21st Century Finance, 21st Century Insurance and 21st Century Property Sourcing.

FAST TRACK Property Strategies

How to buy properties and never have to see them. Just bank the rental cheque and watch the capital growth.

  • How smart investors get properties at 5% to 10% discount and even in some cases unheard of discounts of up to 70%.
  • How smart investors get tenants that will pay you more rent, treat the property like it's theirs, always pay rent on time and sign three to five year leases. Making you money out of thin air instantly and taking the greatest challenges out of property.
  • How our clients determine if interest only or principle and interest is the best loan for them.
  • How to add value to property to generate instant cash.
  • How to buy property with virtually no money down.
  • How smart investors have retired from just two quality investment properties even though they will be able to confidently buy many more.

FAST TRACK Share Strategies As Taught By Licensed Share Speakers

  • How smart investors treat shares as a business and rent them out, yes rent them out, to generate instant cashflow... you'll love this.
  • How smart investors "sell insurance" on the share market and get paid instant cash up-front without outlaying virtually a single cent (N.B. Some graduates are making thousands of dollars with this strategy alone, many within days of finishing the program).
  • How to have an accredited Stockbroker rent out your shares for you, putting your share business on auto - pilot.
  • How smart investors select the top five shares to buy to receive maximum rentals every month, plus capital growth, taught by our licensed Sharebrokers.
  • A strategy others have used to get money for investing within 90 -180 days and generate instant cashflow even when they didn't have a single cent saved.
  • How to take advantage of high risk investments safely, not that you'll need to as most strategies taught are low to medium risk with surprisingly high returns.
  • How to turn your house into an asset actively creating cashflow without having to charge your kids rent or risk losing your house.
  • How smart investors select shares without having to sit in front of a computer or study technical analysis.
  • How smart investors buy insurance to protect their shares so that they can sleep at night.
  • How smart investors profit from shares even when they are falling. It's actually more profitable when the market is going down if you learn how to make money on the way down versus the way up.
  • How smart investors are paid up-front just for saying they're going to buy shares and many times never have to buy shares. How they can do this with less risk than what you're currently taking now.
  • How smart investors make money from shares even before they own them.
  • How smart investors get money loaned to them for shares when all they need to get approval is their name and address. No CRA proof of income. Most people can qualify as long as you are 18 or older.

FAST TRACK Finance Strategies

  • How almost anyone can get finance for investment properties and shares even if they have been bankrupt before.
  • How smart investors get 100% finance to borrow for shares that they can rent out. Plus receive a tax deduction on the interest.
  • How smart investors get financial contacts who will dramatically increase to get finance to start investing.
  • How to importantly protect your assets.
  • How to minimise tax immediately, and legally of course.
  • How to get what Jamie calls 'super-dooper good debt', that is, money you borrow to invest in assets that go up in value, you don't necessarily have to pay off, plus put money into your pocket while you sleep.
  • How smart investors get 100% finance for shares, keep all profits and have them bought back off them at the purchase price if they should fall in value so you can't lose and have their tax money pay for them.
  • How smart investors get margin loans to buy shares they can rent out, as the majority of the banks' margin loans won't allow this. (This means they can double or triple their rental income returns).

FAST TRACK Super Strategies

  • How smart investors utilise their Super to become a cashflow generating machine, rather than just sitting there and profiting other immensely, such as our governments and banks, while they get pathetic returns.
  • How you could get access to Super, even if you think you can't.
  • How to find your missing Super.
  • The 4 most important areas you must master to survive - and excel in the 21st Century and why without these all the education in the world will be a waste of time.

Income Generation Ideas

  • How smart investors add massive value to other people's lives and have them gladly pay them for it.
  • How to pick deals that others just never see… they're out there all the time.
  • How our clients charge what they're worth and feel good about it.
  • The biggest killers for all investors, how you can avoid them and profit like crazy.
  • How smart investors never have to worry about money ever again by achieving financial protection and how others have achieved this within 12 to 24 months.
  • How many clients generate $4,000 or more per month from the Internet strategies taught, even without a computer.
  • How to have your teenagers totally focused and committed to their futures. Even students who don't enjoy learning at school.
  • Why job security is an illusion that keeps 96% of the population in the rat race missing out on the exciting game of life.
  • Strategies smart investors use to double their income in 90 to 180 days… be warned some graduates have quadrupled their income. The record is twelve-fold increase in 12 months.
  • How smart investors get 25%, 50%, even 100% returns day-in day-out with only low to medium risk.

This Program is not for everyone!

Jamie's time is extremely valuable and he makes more money in a 30 second phone call to his brokers or his property buyers, or his business consulting than he would in an entire year of his speaking fees. He doesn't have to teach others for money. He only does because he is passionate about making a difference. Therefore, he will only work with others who are highly committed to taking action, want to learn, are coachable and open minded (even a bit sceptical is fine, but definitely not cynical). Also those who will become outstanding examples of Academy Graduates to inspire others that it can be done. You must be honest with yourself, no big egos are allowed because even if you did know everything, had the ideal mindset already, you'd know that there is always more to learn. Jamie believes that anyone can do better, no matter how successful or unsuccessful they think they are currently.
Jamie guarantees that he has already coached and worked with others who were producing much greater results or even poorer results so being humble is required, also to be willing to use this information to serve and help others by giving a percentage of your wealth to charities.
And importantly, be an example of how to live a life as opposed to becoming a warning of how not to live.

How To Have Compound Interest Work For You, Instead Against You


Most people rack up their credit card bills and have compound interest working against them. Add to that, the fact that the average person wastes between 10% and 50% of their income, (if you're earning just $25,000 per annum, you'll make more than a million dollars in your lifetime, and that's before inflation is taken into account) then you can see why the average Australian is behind the eight-ball before they start.

By doing the opposite of what most people do and simply saving only $1 per day at 10% interest over forty years you will have $195,577.67. If it were say $5 per day (that's $35 per week), still putting it in each day at just 10% interest (and at 21st Century Academy you'll realise why 10% return is a joke) for 40 years and exactly 81 days and you'd have amassed a grand total of $1,000,517.60… that's more than a million dollars! What if you did that for each of your children...

What if you could put away $50 a week, or even $100 or $200 a week and got 15% or 25% return?

Many people think that investing is risky. Jamie points out that people will go into debt for a $15,000 car loan, even though the car drops in value at least 20% as soon as it's driven out of the showroom. Yet people don't consider that as a risky investment, even though that car can't put money in their pocket. If $15,000 was invested using strategies taught by Licensed Speakers, in the 21st Century program, that investment could be putting money into an investors pocket almost instantly with often less risk than buying a car!

You could increase your returns even by double or triple, using some of the leveraged share strategies with still less risk than buying a car which is a guaranteed loss. Even quality shares are more likely to hold their value or increase rather than be worthless in five to ten years like cars.

By doubling the return you can receive $600 to $1,200 in the example, plus capital growth plus dividends. (Wait till you see the real life example in the 4 Day Seminar shared by our Licensed Academy Brokers or on the Homestudy DVD's).

What if you had $150,000 for example in equity or parent's equity, Super or parent's Super, or a redundancy pay-out? Using that could generate $3,000 to $6,000 in cash returns for many of the months of the year using a managed risk strategy.

People say to get those returns it must be a huge risk. Jamie's team of licensed share experts disagree and are happy to prove it. Jamie says to ask the question, "Risky compared to what?" If people aren't investing themselves they are either spending the money (zero returns), or other people are investing into Managed Funds or Super and utilising higher risk strategies on their money with often miserable returns, or they have it sitting idle in equity in their house or the bank going to waste until the day they die, because many people are so fearful of losing it.


"I attended the 4 Day Seminar in September '06 and left with a major shift in focus and attitude. I commenced the E-minis Course which was waiting for me on my arrival home. I have completed my paper trading and have commenced real trading. I gave a donation the first month and made a profit the second. I was also inspired to complete my vision board which turned out fantastic. My partner and I focused on getting our dream home by end of '07 and together we put down a list of 15 'must haves'. 2 weeks ago we moved into our dream home overlooking a spring fed small lake in our front yard. We own two beautiful acres with a creek running through it - all for $50,000 LESS than we were prepared to pay and we got 14.5 of the 'must haves' ".

Extraordinary Life Changing Journey

Even More Strategies

How smart investors create positive cashflow and capital profits through property investing, not just in Australia but overseas as well.

  • How to armour plate your financial empire against frivolous lawsuits.
  • How to discover legal, ethical tax Secrets Of The Rich that can reduce your tax massively.
  • The dead simple two minute formula that anybody can use to find out immediately whether the property will put cash in your pocket, or take it out. (You'll never buy a dud property every again).
  • The exact time you should visit your accountant and start your own private military assault on your taxes.
  • How to make yourself a business (even if you've got a job), and get legitimate tax reductions on your living expenses that could reduce your exposure dramatically.
  • The proven "Rich People Only Formula" that makes sure that others only pay 30% tax on whatever is left. (Well guess what, once you discover the "do it yourself" way to slash your taxes, you'll have a ball making sure that nothing is left).
  • How smart investors claim depreciation on their property and get a deduction without actually spending the money.
  • How others barricade their assets with an impenetrable fortress where they are; creditor proof, lawsuit proof and judgment proof forever.
  • You'll have the same powerful strategies the rich implement. The exact clever tactics the mega-rich families use to protect their empires, passing them down from generation to generation.
  • Why Superannuation is the most tax effective secret and why not having your own Super Fund is financial suicide./li>
  • A proven step-by-step formula others use to set up their own self-managed Super Funds today.
  • What your self-managed Superannuation Fund can pay for and get as a tax deduction.

Let Me Ask You Something

Could you get excited about earning an extra $5,000 a month doing not much more work than you're doing right now?

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How important would it be to you to be able to provide an exciting future for yourself... your partner... and your family, where you have a lot of money coming in, for very little physical effort, isn't this what you've always dreamt about?

If yes, then you must pick up the phone and order your 21st Century 5 Year Membership* Homestudy Program now. You'll be glad you did. The program comes with a 100% 90 day money back guarantee. That's RISK FREE EDUCATION. What if the program was just half as good as we say it is. How much money will it cost you to not be doing these strategies!

Additional Bonuses Your Will Receive

Bonus 1: If you're among the first 34 to call and register, I'll also give you something else valued at $34.95 each - 3 copies of Jamie McIntyre's updated book altd, "What I Didn't Learn At School But Wish I Had." Yours free as a thank you from me for you and your family... and filled with plenty of money making ideas. Remember, you can't become rich in your pocket until you become rich in your mind. And if you choose to simply order the Homestudy Program, Jamie will show you how to become rich, very rich. Call now, I look forward to despatching your Homestudy as soon as possible.

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Bonus 4:Access to extremely valuable Contacts including Licensed Share Brokers for renting out your shares that can support you monthly ongoing, plus access to 21st Century Finance Brokers who can get almost anyone finance along with Tax Minimisation Specialists. Learn how to trade CFD's, Forex Trading as well. Valued at $1,997.

Bonus 5: 2 DVD's of a 3 hour seminar by Jamie McIntyre to share with family and friends the exciting strategies you'll be learning. Valued at $198.

Bonus 6: A copy of the Wealth Creator Magazine covering strategies on self-made millionaires and how they created wealth.

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Bonus 8: 5 years of E-mail support any time you have a question. Valued at $997.*

Bonus 9: 5 years free access to an Online Forum where you can ask all your questions and network with like-minded individuals. Valued at $997.*

Bonus 10: Access to 21st Century Accounting to ensure you are structured correctly to minimise tax and protect your assets (some phone or in person sessions available for free but not guaranteed). Valued at $197.

Bonus 11: Access to 21st Century Property Direct service for virtually no money down property deals.

Remember, there are only a limited amount of 21st Century Memberships being made available for $3,995 or $49 per week*. So you must register now. Incredible value when you think that amongst the many money strategies you will be given - you're going to find out a strategy that has helped many smart investors generate $3,000 a month or more within 90 days, using little of their own money and with limited risk compared to what they are currently doing! You can't get much better value than that! Above average investors can generate up to $5,000 to $15,000 per month from some of the instant cashflow strategies.

* Additional Fee applicable to use the Property Direct service

4 Day Seminar and More Additional Bonuses

If you would like to join Jamie and his millionaire team of mentors in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and proposed luxurious locations around the world then enrol into the 21st Century 5 Year Homestudy Membership*. You automatically qualify as a 21st Century Homestudy Member for a ticket to the 4 Day Eduction For Life seminars any time in the next 5 years. You'll receive the following additional bonuses already included.

* The normal Homestudy Membership is generally 2 years. To qualify for the 5 year Membership, including bonus 17 and 18, you simply have to nominate the 4 Day Education For Life event you wish to attend within 30 days of enrolling and attend one within 12 months from the time you enrolled. Otherwise your membership will be covered for 24 months only.

Bonus 12: Brand New DVD Interview with a self-made millionaire. Jamie was on Foxtel's Sky Business Channel "Your Money Your Call" where people could also ring and ask financial questions. Just released, this one hour program is packed with valuable questions & answers. Valued at $97.

Bonus 13: A ticket for you to attend the Internet & Business Mastery Seminars held several times a year in Australia and New Zealand. Valued at $1,995.

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Bonus 15: Celebration drinks at the end of the 4 Day Education for Life live event so you can not only network with fellow graduates but mix and mingle with the speakers. Value $27. Note: there will be several brand new speakers at the 4 Day Seminar for the first time that you don't want to miss out on learning from including some great new legal ways to get some of your tax money back. This will more than pay your tuition alone.

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This additional bonus is the Internet and Business Mastery Homestudy which includes over a dozen Internet and Business entrepeneurs sharing their secrets to online and business success.

* Members receive the Internet and Business mastery Homestudy worth $1,995 when they attend the Internet and Business Mastery live seminar available to 21st Century Members to attend and revisit unlimited times over the 5 years of your membership. If you are unable to attend the live seminar you can have the Internet and Business Mastery Homestudy shipped to you for the small Member's reduced non refundable fee of $295 plus $45 postage and handling.

Bonus 22: Free Financial Consultation. Learn how to borrow up to 100% in the share market but have capital protection to protect your portfolio.

Not only will you learn how to do this strategy yourself but if you'd like it done for you then as a member you'll receive a free consultation in person in most capital cities or via the phone with our licensed financial investment managers.

Bonus 23: As a 21st Century 5 Year Member you invest a once off fee and can attend unlimited seminars as many times as you like.

There is no other educational program that adds so much value over 5 years for the investment that's less than a single course with many competitors.

Seminars currently included in the 21st Century 5 Year Membership are:

4 Day Education For Life Seminar held in multiple locations including most Australian capital cities and also in New Zealand and Fiji. The core program of 21st Century and an absolute must attend event. Once you attend this program you then qualify to attend all of the following programs any time within your 5 year membership and as many times as you wish.

Internet and Business Mastery Seminar held over 3 days in multiple locations.

Property and Finance Mastermind 2 Day Seminar where you learn how to build a portfolio of ten or more properties in ten years or less.

Women's Academy Event held over 2 days (for female Member's or female spouses).

RPA Time Management Seminar - Time rich seminar on how to create millionaire lifestyles without having to become a millionaire.

Public Speaking Program

Sales and Marketing Program

Share Renting One Day Additional Member Training Seminar*

Option Trading for Beginners One Day Seminar*

2 Day NLP Seminar*

* Note currently available on homestudy

Plus How To Bring A Friend To A 21st Century 4 Day Education For Life Seminar for FREE

We are releasing an exclusive guest pass for you to invite a friend and their spouse to attend our 4 Day Education For Life Seminar with you when you enrol to become a 21st Century Homestudy Member. This is a gift to you for becoming a 21st Century Homestudy Member and to assist you in your commitment to creating an extraordinary quality of life in the 21st Century.

For the first time ever we have managed to convince Jamie McIntyre to invite new 21st Century Homestudy Members to participate in an amazing opportunity, to gift a special friend and their spouse attendance to any of the following upcoming 21st Century 4 Day Education For Life Seminar in 2008, worth $2,995 for your friend and $1,995 for their spouse, tickets totalling $4,990.

To qualify you must enrol as a 21st Century Homestudy Member and book in to 4 Day Education For Life Seminar within 21 days. Book now so you qualify to invite a friend and their spouse at no charge. This offer is exclusive to those new members who choose to pay for their enrolment in full or via our 4 mth payment plan option.

homestudy package

Yes, ENROL ME NOW! I want to be one of the exclusive group of people who discovers how to make their dreams a reality through discovering the investing strategies of the wealthy. I can't wait to watch this amazing event; to hear how it is possible for investors to earn significant profits starting almost immediately. Please also set aside my SPECIAL BONUSES and send my 2001/2006 Homestudy to me for only $3,995 + $45 P&H or $49 per week*, plus include my 24 months of support* plus a free Spouse Ticket to attend a 4 Day Education For Life Seminar valued at $1995 if I enrol in the next 21days. Also included are the 4 Day Education for Life Seminar Ticket Bonuses: therefore I'll receive a 4 Day Education for Life Adult Seminar Ticket valued at $2,995, plus a 4 Day Teenage Ticket valued at $995 and 1 Internet & Business Mastery Seminar Ticket worth. The Homestudy also includes the Gold Coast March 2006 Seminar recordings. Also if you enrol inside the next 21 days, you'll receive a Free Spouse Ticket to attend our 4 Day Education for Life Seminar, valued at $995.

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3. $495 x 12 months ($5,940)
The first two installments will be charged upfront.


TRY BEFORE I BUY OPTION - Please send me the Homestudy course. In trying it before I buy, I realise I won't be charged for full payment or payment plan for 30 days, except for $65 postage and handling, plus $75 insurance fee up front and I have 30 days in which I can cancel and pay no more if I'm
not happy. (I must submit credit card details for this option and
it will be processed for first installment & deposit in 30 days if I
don't cancel or I can elect to pay in full at this time). By taking
this option you forfeit the 90 day refund option and if you don't
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programs to receive your refund).

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